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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go Ahead and Cry Yourself to Sleep and Think How You Hate Me So Bad

So. Not really anything today. I've come to terms that I'm an effing vampire and can't go to sleep until ten in the morning, which is blah and I need to stop being a vamp. But, I found this really awesome free guitar lesson thing, and I completed the first lesson. Yay. One step closer. (:

And, see, it's not video, but it's not boring like most books. Which is amazingly rare. And good for me, because that's why it's always so difficult for me to practice. This goes really slow and is made for the complete and utter amateur. So sweet. I'm good. Now just for some kind of singing lessons and maybe keyboard lessons. (And I really need to practice the euph. Eh. I have a month.)

Now. To continue cleaning my room because there's nothing better to do at one thirty in the morning when you can't sleep.