Lyrics of the moment: Dearest enemy: you should have never trusted me, you bitch.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I swear to god.

If my mother would just open her damn ears and actually LISTEN to my music, she'd see there are actual emotions in the songs. It's not 'just noise'. I do not care what your fucking pastor says about anything, either. I'm sorry, but I find every religion just a bunch of BS. So stop asking me if I want to go to church with you. Because I will just call him out, ask him questions he can't answer. BECAUSE IT'S ALL BULL. The only religion that I find to be true is Wicca, but I could never tell you that, because you'll see the pentacle representing everything (not the pentagram, pentacle, by the way) and go off on a thing about God and Jesus and the Devil and heaven and hell and I'll just space out like I always do.

I'm sorry I finally found things that I like and that I'm not your clone anymore. Just because I like scene hairstyles and my music doesn't mean I'm a Satanist, and it doesn't mean that I'm gonna be all suicidal. If I've only learned one thing from MY MUSIC (see how it all comes back to that?), it's that suicide is a horrible way to deal with something and you only make things worse, not better. (IE, Lullabies (and maybe Therapy?) by All Time Low.)

Just...argh. Listen to Perfect by Simple Plan and replace 'father'/'dad' with 'mother'/'mom' and you'll see how I feel. 'Cause my dad? He doesn't care that I'm changing, 'cause he knows I'm smart enough to not do things.

I know she loves me, I really do, but this stuff--not just from her, but for the moment she's saying it the most--just pisses me off to no return.

All I want to do is express myself without worrying about her. Is that too much?