Lyrics of the moment: Dearest enemy: you should have never trusted me, you bitch.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Thank God My MP3 Doesn't Have a Screen

Seriously. I think my parents would kill me if they knew the stuff I listened to. Not even ground, just go straight to killing me. That, or they'd both have heart attacks. Either way, someone would die if my parents heard any of the music on my MP3. (I say this because I finally got around to putting some Cobra Starship on it, and...yeah. Not exactly parent friendly, haha. Not like most of my other bands are, but these guys... xD;)

Ffffff. The next All Time Low album comes out in January. I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG FOR NEW ATL. D: Just adfhjkl; I'll have to find more bands to fill the void of new All Time Low. That'll be hard. D: (lolprollynotrlybutletsbedramatic)

Note to self: look up Bless the Fall and Bring Me The Horizon. Even though the latter is screamo. ...Yeah.

Thassit so far. 'Course, it's just eleven am. There's still a whole day.